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Resident volunteers clean gutters in streets saving our road association approx $3000. These are just a few photos of residents in the lower Valley View area.


Volunteers trim the trees over our roads.


We can list contact info for residents here. Also interesting profiles of residents and/or history or photos of our region. Does anybody have any OLD photos of the Lomond Terrace area? It would be interesting to put them on the site as sort of a history of CSA#28.

Anything you want to tell or announce to the residents? Lost pets, found pets volunteer stuff, parties, this is the place.

Local Business Listings
Many residents have businesses or services to offer. If you have a service such as motorcycle repair, tree cutting, contracting, etc., send your contact info in to the feedback link above.

For Sale/Wanted Listings
If you have something you would like to list, or something you are looking for, send it to the feedback link above. It's free to list things.

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