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March 2004 (PDF)

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Issues and Topics

June 16, 2005: Paving and Patching Job
Joel Tarbox, Road Association President, submitted this year's paving and patching project to the County on April 20, 2005. After a couple of follow-ups, the County returned the following status update on our job. More...

October 3, 2004: Logging to Begin
After much contention and many delays the time has come for the log hauling operation on the adjacent Holmes Lumber Co. property to begin. The Holmes Property located near the end of Valley View Rd. is highly impaired as a result of at least two active landslides that have washed out both their Coon Heights Rd. access "lower" and their El Solyo Heights Dr. access "upper". At this time The Holmes Family can only access their property through our road system. Trees were felled this winter and according to regulations they have until November 15th to complete their logging and hauling operation. Here are the details...

March 24, 2004: Fee Increases
Many of you are concerned by the language of your County issued Fee Increase Election Ballots in regard to implied automatic fee increases. Here is an explanation...

Logging the area above Lomond Terrace would result in logging trucks using the Lomond Terrace roads to remove the timber. The lumber harvesters are only required to post a $5000 bond in the event they damage the roads. This amount is woefully inadequate. It is likely that the damage the trucks cause will exceed $100,000. In the past, this company allegedly destroyed Coon Heights Road.