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Our Own Backyard
Do you have a neat wildlife photo you have taken in Ben Lomond? Send it to me. And we'll have our own little online zoo.

Ben Lomond Wildlife Series #05

Mountain Lion

While driving home at around 10 PM on March 20, 2010, Lomond Terrace resident Jerry Glass was surprised to see a mountian lion cross the street in front of his vehicle.

The location of the sighting was just after turing off of HWY 9 and driving up Park about 300 feet. If you encounter a mountain lion here are some things you should know.

Photo © Getty Images

Ben Lomond Wildlife Series #04

by AL Luckow

I photographed this bobcat in front of my house on Crossbow Way in December 2008. The head is a little obscured but I think that's why I got the picture, he didn't see me.


Bobcat on Crossbow Way

Ben Lomond Wildlife Series #03

by Kris Hill
Wildlife not so Wild

One of our neighbors on lower end of Park took this of Geo, our cat, before he went missing. It seems that some of the wildlife isn't so wild!


Park Ave

Ben Lomond Wildlife Series #02

by Al Luckow
Lost Pet ?

Not really. I found this little lady in my backyard the other day. I think it's a Mountain Tarantula. It was pretty big. I wish I had thrown a quarter or something in there, but, well, no thanks. It was about three inches. We also found her egg sack.


Photo By Al Luckow

Ben Lomond Wildlife Series #01

by Al Luckow
Hey I thought you were only supposed to Peck Wood?

This acorn woodpecker was caught in the act at my house in the last week of June. There have been 2-3 woodpeckers visiting our feeders daily.

Acorn Woodpeckers get their name from the peculair trait of drilling holes in trees in the fall to store acorns. During summer they eat mostly insects. The Acorn woodpecker is found in the western half of Oregon and California, and in Arizona, New Mexico and down throughout Mexico.

They are common in Ben Lomond. Once you recognize their screeching call you will realize how very often they are around us. The acorn woodpecker lives in small gregarious flocks. Large mature oaks seem to be the acorn woodpeckers favorite plant. However, they also like pines