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Awesome Property

One of the most beautiful properties in Lomond Terrace, If not all of Ben Lomond, is for sale! Only 2.3 Million. Yes, right in our own little community. Twenty acres I believe. I went up and saw it during an Open House. It's like being in Aspen. If you can't see it in person, check out the photos

Local Businesses
Be sure to check out the residents page to see what local businesses are available right next door!

Newly Added:
Pascale Wowak Photography

Tender Touch Therapeutic Massage
Jesucita Licona's
Day Care

Tarbox Notary Service

Emergency Routes
Emergency reference section for the benefit of all area residents. Please take a look and familiarize yourself the escape routes:

Lomond Terrace Emergency Section

BroomFrench, Scotch or Spanish Broom?
This non-native plant is all over the place.
Read On...

Did You Know... Common etiquette dictates that the auto coming UP the hill has the right of way.

E-Mail List
Send in your e-mail address and we will compile a list of residents and keep you up to date on things. We're not spammers or selling anything so your e-mail is safe. We're also not using a web form (which could be exploited) to do this. Simply send in your info via e-mail to:


Fall 2007 Road Party A Success!
Well we call it a party but it's really a "work" party. Lots of residents showed up to volunteer this time. Volunteering to help clean the road gutters saves the road association thousands of dollars a year. Actually this saves YOU money since it's money from YOUR taxes that are taken out specifically for Lomond Terrace to pay for such things. Instead, now we can use this money to pay for things like patching the road or building curbs, etc. which need to be done by professionals. Volunteering really does make a difference here. Thanks for all those who turned out. Below are just a few you might have seen on the road saving YOU money.

CLick each for larger Image

Second Fire of the Year to Affect Lomond Terrace ResidentsFire in Ben Lomond at Mt. Cross Campground
Firemen refilled their tanks multiple times on the corner of Crossbow Way and Valley View. See more photos of the fire location here.

Another "Wakeup Call" -Story and photos by Luckow
For the second time this year we've had a fire in our neck of the woods. It took place early morning on Aug 24th. The location was just past the end of Valley View Road where the road becomes dirt and turns into a trail.

According to Ben Lomond firemen, the blaze took place near a small campground across the stream (Manson Creek). The fire was probably smoldering for some time (maybe a day or two). Then it suddenly took hold on the morning of the 24th. The first report came from Mt. Cross hikers. As a result, the firemen hiked the "Pipeline" trail to the spot. This trail begins at HWY 9 from the Mt. Cross camp. Once firemen arrived at the blaze, they could see the truck road across the creek and brought the engines up that way via Valley View Road. Some of the firemen expressed interest in obtaining detailed maps of the area. That would have saved the long hike up the pipeline trail. We will be posting more maps on See maps button above. One fireman noted that, "it was interesting how the fire travelled downhill, rather than up. There must have been a wind or something pusing it along."

There is a vast network of trails up there, luckily the access trail in the first part of the property is fairly clear of fallen trees and brush. Firetrucks had easy access to this particular spot. As one travels up the trail however, access is slowly becoming more and more difficult as nature has begun to reclaim the logging trail with erosion, fallen wood and the ever invasive scotch or french broom. Had the fire been further up this trail, access would have become more difficult. If you have thoughts on this, please register and post them in the forum.

Of Interest: The Ben Lomond FIre Department serves a seven-square-mile fire district which includes about 4,500 residents >>.

Fire in Ben Lomond on Valley View Road
Sunday April 29 around 4:00 PM there was a fire on Valley View near Fiddlesticks. See some more photos from the scene here. [Luckow]

Fire on Valley View Road in Ben Lomond
There was a fire April 29, 2007 around 4:00 PM on Valley View Road near the Fiddlesticks Intersection (Tom Holtlus' house). It was in the back in the woods. I got up close by crawling behind a fence.

When we got there, the smoke was very dense upwards of 75 feet. It looked as if they were dousing it with foam as well as water. People on the other side said they saw flames shooting up over 40 feet. I even saw one person wetting down their house with a hose. The char on the redwoods looks to have gone up that high from what I saw. There were three engines (I don't know what they are specifically called) and a couple other fire vehicles and it looked like a couple dozen or so firefighters. I don't know what caused the fire, but I do know that burn season is over April 30 but today was not designated as a burn day.

See 20 of the photos I took at the scene here

Kind of a wake up call as to what a tinderbox we live in. Makes you want to get out there and clear the brush out.

Ben Lomond Wildlife Series #03

by Kris Hill
Wildlife not so Wild

One of our neighbors on lower end of Park took this of Geo, our cat, before he went missing. It seems that some of the wildlife isn't so wild!

See (or contribute to) our
Online Ben Lomond zoo.


Park Ave

New Road Association Officers Elected!

President: Paul Lawton
Paul was one of the residents that formed the road association years ago and was instrumental in writing the original bylaws. It's great to see him in the hot seat again!
Vice President: Craig Harwood
Craig is new to the neighborhood having just bought a house on Park a few months ago. He is a geologist by trade. CSA #28 Welcomes Craig and his family with open arms.
Secretary: Joel Tarbox
Joel is the former president that did an outstanding job for the past two years. He deserves a rest, but is a glutton for punishment. He has come back as secretary.
Treasurer: Bill Anderson
Always reliable, Bill has returned. I don't know how long he has held this post, but it has been a long time. And lucky for us.
Upper Area Representatives: Michael Saunders and Brad MacCurdy
Middle Area Representatives: Gary Owens and Scott Vogler
Lower Area Representatives: Jim Johnson and Paul Boodt
[ Meeting Minutes ]

Road Work Party Schedule

Fall Road Work Party: Saturday, November 17, 2007; 9 a.m.;
Meet at Jaye’s Timberlane; Bring tractors, gas-powered weed whackers, shovels, rakes and clippers
Please plan to attend and help keep the roads maintained. Also, residents are asked to perform some basic maintenance, clean-up and trimming on the roads near their properties. Remember, the County does not provide these necessary services. It’s up to us. If you drive on these roads, you have a stake in maintaining them.

The quality of our roads affect your family’s safety and the value of your home. Be sure to attend and be involved in how our roads are managed.

Thank you,
Paul Lawton, President
Lomond Terrace Road Association (CSA 28)

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