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Originally compiled by Joel Tarbox and Richard Becker.



Fire Safety and Emergency Routes

Fire Safety
We all need to assess the fire safety of our properties and cut, chip or burn excess fuel load. Unsafe property compromises the safety of your home and those of your neighbors. The law requires that landowners make their properties fire safe, so it is crucial that we all work together to protect our shared interests.

Proper maintenance results in increased biodiversity, better water flow to riparian areas, healthier trees, fewer power outages from downed trees, and superior aesthetics.

In the event of a fire or emergency, there are two emergency escape routes from our community. A map and directions for these exits is on this page.
Here are some web sites with information on how to make your property fire safe.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF)

National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Program

Emergency Routes

Exit Road at end of Park
Next to the Vogler residence at 785 Park Drive, There is an emergency exit road. It looks like this. It has a metal gate and a sign that reads, “Road Closed.” Only use this road in case of an emergency. When you get to the bottom of the emergency exit road, drive straight ahead onto the gravel road. Stay to the left on the gravel road as you proceed through a series of intersections and intersecting driveways. Make no sharp turns! Just drive forward keeping to the left until the road gets to the top of a little rise and you are back on a paved surface. Once on the paved surface, stay to the right through a series of intersections and intersecting driveways. Make no sharp turns! Drive downhill, keeping to the right until you reach Highway 9.

Coon Heights Exit
Since part of Coon Heights was destroyed in a slide, pedestrians can only use this emergency exit. The trail is hazardous, so pass at your own risk. Proceed almost to the end of Valley View Road and turn left down a gravel road at a mailbox with the address 999. Go straight downhill past a locked metal gate. The road turns to dirt for about two blocks until you reach an intersection near the creek. Turn sharply to the left and proceed downhill about one block to the Coon Heights slide. Use extreme caution and DO NOT FALL IN! There is a precarious trail along the uphill (left) side of the slide that will get you across. Continue slightly uphill for another block through brush and fallen trees until you reach a collection of abandoned vehicles in the roadway. Pass through these obstacles onto a gravel road and continue two more blocks downhill past another metal gate, until you reach the paved portion of Coon Heights road that leads down to Highway 9; about a half mile.