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Late Summer Road Work Party a Success!

Photos by Michael Saunders

Thank you to all of you who took a few hours to come out and clean up our roads. This little bit of work in the early fall will help a great deal when that rains begin in a few weeks. If you were unable to attend, please take some time to rake gutters and trim back brush on your property that is near the road. It's important that we all help to maintain our roads.

Thank you,
Joel Tarbox
Lomond Terrace (CSA 28) President.

Ben Lomond Wildlife Series #02

by Al Luckow
Lost Pet?

Not really. I found this little lady in my backyard the other day on Valley View. I think it's a Mountain Tarantula. It was pretty big. I wish I had thrown a quarter or something in there for scale, but, well, no thanks.

It was about three inches. We also found her egg sack.

See (or contribute to) our
Online Ben Lomond zoo.


mountain tarantula

Chipping In
As a result of the recent rains (11/29 to 12/1), many of the drains and culverts on Park Drive became plugged with leaves and debris. I'd like everyone to join me in thanking Paul Lawton (Paul Lawton Construction) for sending one of his employees to clear the debris and get the drains running again. Paul did this on his own initiative and at his own expense and I'd like to thank him on behalf of all of us who depend on safe and clear roads to access our homes.Joel Tarbox, President
Lomond Terrace Road Association (CSA 28)

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