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  [04/326/04] Looking to Rent
My aunt is look for a small apt. or room to rent.  She is a senior, and has a small dog (a toy dashound).  If anyone has such a space, please Barbara Dodge 831-234-9064 or email at  

  [03/31/04] Recent Robberies
There have been some robberies in our area recently. Apparently, the latest was a house on Park, near the intersection of Park and Pike. The homeowners were out for about two hours. Someone(s) picked the lock, searched through the house and took only cash, probably for drugs. The sheriff's department told them there have been a number of such robberies lately.

  [03/24/04] Letter from the President
Many of you are concerned by the language of your County issued Fee Increase Election Ballots in regard to implied automatic fee increases. Read On...

  [02/05/04] Culvert Cleaning
The three culvert catch basins on Park Dr. between
Valley View Rd and Pike Dr need to be cleaned of debris after every rain storm Volunteers are appreciated. Be a good neighbor and take your turn.

  [01/15/04] DSL Comes to Lomond Terrace
Yes its true, its true! I didn't want to post it until I was SURE this was a reality. I signed up and am using DSL right now. Thanks go out to Andrew Tipton for tipping me off. My first tests for speed came in at 1Megabit (for those who care about numbers like that). It's through SBC Yahoo! To find out more see the SBC site. Welcome to the 21st Century Lomond Terrace.