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Residents on Park helping with the gutter cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning
Lomond Terrace work crews give Valley View Rd and Park Drive gutters a good first cleaning.
Seems like a pretty lame topic for a feature story. Gutter Cleaning? But you know, in a little community like ours, it's sort of a special thing. We maintain our own roads. It's up to us to keep them in good shape. In most places, some unseen entity takes care of stuff like that. People just expect things to be cared for, assuming that maybe their tax dollars pay for it or something. But here in Lomond Terrace, we do it. We can either pay for it our of our tax contribution, or we can volunteer, do it ourselves, and save the money for other things. Like curbs, road repair, etc. And we really need every penny to keep our roads in shape. It can go to hell fast. If you don't believe me, take a drive up Coon Heights some time. Thanks to those who have been able to lend a hand. We had a good turnout this year. Michael Saunders, the Road Association President estimates, "If we got out there two or three times a year, it would keep what we have in good order...four of five times a year [would be needed] if we want to start making improvements."

It's obviously not possible for everybody to lend a hand. And that's okay. But it is possible for all of us to appreciate those who did. Check out the photos of this year's gutter cleaning festivities here.