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Official Minutes

Lomond Terrace Road Association MEETING MINUTES
Date: 6-05-02
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Attendees: All Board Members & Area Representatives

1.1 Major Road Repairs

We are moving ahead with the bid process for road repairs. Green paint in roadway denotes the areas to be repaired or overlayed. The County will put our work out to bid and the job will be awarded to the low bidder then approved at the Aug. 5 meeting of the board of supervisors. The time delay is due to fact that the supervisors take the entire month of July off.

After approval, the County has informed us that the work will not start before mid September at the earliest.

2.1 Increase of Road Association Yearly Fees:

We will request the County to start the process of initiating a vote of the membership to increase yearly Road Association contributions as soon as our road work project is completed. Again the process is slow and we will not see any revenue increase from a passed referendum until roadwork year 2005. The assessment per parcel would go up from $300.00 to $400.00 per year.

The Process: Request the County to administer an election to raise the assessment. We pay the County $800.00 for this service.

In return they will prepare ballots for every parcel in our County Service Area #28 and send them to the parcel owners.

The ballot will be a simple majority vote in a “yes” or “no” format. Yes... means raise it. No... means keep it the same. The parcel owners have 45 days to send their ballots back into the County to be counted. After 45 days the ballots are counted with a simple majority of the ballots received deciding the issue. If you don't return your ballot to the County it will not be counted.

Our election is then approved by the board of supervisors and becomes effective on the next installment of our property tax statements. In this case most likely October of 2004.

3.1 Misc Projects:

We are planning to install the Stop Sign at Valley View Road and Park Drive as voted on at the annual meeting using money from our mailer fund and volunteer labor.

We are planning to do a 2 day pot hole patch to repair some of the less serious damage to our roads using money from our mailer fund and volunteer labor and trucking from our members.

This would be a clean and prep day... and an oil, fill and roll session...second day... with cold process asphalt from the Felton Quarry.The board decided to do this because of the short fall of funds to complete all the neccessary major work on our road system and stay within our budget of approx. $21,000.00.

We have a core group of volunteers that we would like to expand to make it easier on everyone and build a sense of community. Contact your area representitives to discuss work going on in your area or Michael Saunders at 336 2412 or

5.1 Mailer Fund:

Please send your suggested $10.00 contribution to the mailer fund to…
Lomond Terrace Road Association
P.O. Box 3014
Ben Lomond, Ca 95005

6.1 Web Sight Info:

We will be sending around a flyer to promote the Road Association Web Sight (ie and are working on a sign for the bottom of the road.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 P.M. Next Meeting: TBD