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Official Minutes

Lomond Terrace Road Association MEETING MINUTES
Date: 5-13-02
Start Time: 7:00 PM

1.0 Review of Financial Statement:

Available monies as of 5/13/03 is approximately $21,000 (ie + $800 in the Lomond Terrace Road Association bank account)

2.0 Status of Current & Future Projects:

2.1 Striping / road “nobs” / domed mirrors / signage / speed bumps, etc. were suggested to help slow traffic on Valley View Rd. & Park Dr.. The Board of Directors will prioritize and implement appropriate action to these suggestions.
2.2 A motion was made and passed to pursue an increase of $100 per year in the Yearly Road Association fees. The Board of Directors will seek Membership and County approval.
2.3 A motion was made and passed to place a Stop sign at the end of Valley View Rd. at Park Dr. Monies for this project will be taken out of the Lomond Terrace Road Association Fund bank account.

3.0 Election of New Officers:

The following people were elected to the Board:
President: Michael Saunders
Vice President: Dan Robinson
Treasurer: Bill Anderson
Secretary: Allen Hankla

Area Representatives
Lower Area: Paul Boodt & Joel Tarbox
Middle Area: Scott Vogler & Clyde Clark
Higher Area: Paul Lawton & Thomas Wynn

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30 P.M. Next Meeting: TBD