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Official Minutes

Lomond Terrace Road Association Meeting Minutes
Date: 03-09-04
Start Time: 7:00 PM
End Time: 8:30 PM
Attendees: All Board Members & Area Representatives

1.0 Review of Financial Statement

There is $900 in the Road Association bank account at present and a $-7800 on record with the County until April ‘04 taxes have been collected.  An additional $800 will deducted for the County to manage the vote concerning the raising of the yearly Road Association Fees

2.0 Old Business:

2.1 Holmes Logging Issue

The Holmes are willing to donate as a “good neighbor” monies (approximatley $2000 a year or the equivalent of what would be normal yearly Road Association fees for 4 to 5 parcels) to the Road Association for regular road maintenance & repairs. They are asking the Road Association to make a good faith commitment not to use the monies for legal fees and to work with each other throughout the current logging project.  The motion was passed by the membership contingent on the Road Associations ability to legally accept the monies.  All present were pleased with the amiable and mutually cooperative positioning of both parties.

2.2 Roadwork Projects in 2003

The Road Association was only able to complete half of the proposed repairs to the roads due to a shortage of funds.

2.3 Fee Increase Vote

To Keep up with the rising costs of maintenance & repairs an official vote of the Road Association Membership to increase the yearly Road Association Fees by $100 a year per parcel will be officially taken in 2004 and organized & tabulated by the County.

3.0 New Business

3.1 Projected Roadwork in 2004: 

Due to the cost of road repairs in 2003 the Road Association will be operating with budget of approximately $3500 for year 2004.  This means that road repairs & maintenance will be minimal and largely dependent on volunteer labor.

3.2  SCCRCD Grant Program: 

A Grant and free engineering advice might be available thru this organization.  A motion was passed by the membership to pursue these resources if available.

3.3  Resident Contribution

Each Road Association member is asked to contribute at least $10 per year to cover minor repairs, signs, mailings, etc. Please send your donation payable to the “Lomond Terrace Road Association” to the following address. 
Lomond Terrace Road Association, P.O. Box 24, Ben Lomond, CA. 95005

3.3 Election of New Officers

The following people were re-elected to the Board:
President: Michael Saunders, 336-2421
Vice President: Dan Robinson, 336-8011
Secretary: Alan Hankla, 336-2694
Treasurer: Bill Anderson, 336-3606

Board Members for 2003 are:

Upper Area: Paul Lawton, 336-8187, Thomas Wynn, 336-5683
Middle Area: Scott Vogler, 336-4663; Clyde Clark
Lower Area: Joel Tarbox, 336-3723; Paul Boodt 336-1047.