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Official Minutes: Lomond Terrace Road Association (CSA 28)

Meeting Date: February 7, 2006

  1. Review of 2005 road work projects
    1. Patching and paving by Granite Construction: Complete
      • 680 Crest, 880 sqft.
      • 865 Valley View, 135 sqft.
      • Between 865 Valley View and Fiddlesticks Drive, 115 sqft.
      • 115 Flintlock, 120 sqft.
    1. V-ditch and culvert repair on Park Drive: Open
      • Job delayed until spring due to rains
    1. Drainage Box at base of Park Dive: Complete
      • Funded and performed with volunteer labor and discretionary funds
    1. Volunteer Work Parties: Complete
      • Spring 2005: Emergency exit road cleaning, tree trimming
      • Fall 2005: September, gutters and culvert cleaning.
      • Winter 2005: November and December, gutters and culvert cleaning
    1. Application to Santa Cruz County Resource Conservation District: Complete
      • Not awarded funds
  1. Review of current finances
    1. Funds available in general fund as of Feb. 7, 2006: $15,748 ($25,748 - $10,000 hold back for repair of drainage ditch at start of Park drive, see item 3d below)
      • Funds available in general fund after April 2006: $31, 093 ($41, 093 - $10,000 hold back for repair of drainage ditch at start of Park drive, see item 3d below)
    1. Funds available in discretionary account as Feb. 7, 2006: $3,430.08
  1. Selection of 2006 road work projects and priorities
    1. Membership voted to hire a paving engineer to assess areas of the roads most in need of repair and to prepare proposals for repairs that can be submitted for the County’s “informal” bid process
    2. Membership voted to perform road repair jobs under $10,000 per project in order to keep jobs within the County’s “informal” bid process as jobs costing $10,000 or more incur additional fees from the County totaling about $7,000
    3. Membership voted to authorize the board to select road repair projects to be performed based upon the assessment performed by the paving engineer (See item 3a above)
    4. Membership voted to continue to hold back $5,000 a year from the general fund for the eventual repair of the drainage ditch at the start of Park Drive
      • Current amount held back $10,000
  1. Other business
    1. Jim Johson is heading an effort to lobby our state representatives to raise the bid limits on jobs
      • Current bid limit of $10,000 moves a job from an “informal” bid to a “formal” bid and triggers about $7,000 in County administration
      • Jim will seek information on any pending legislation from Representative John Laird
      • Jim will contact other County Service Areas (CSAs) to get support in lobbying for changes to bid limits
    1. The logging plan for the Holmes property is complete
      • The property is currently for sale for about $8 million
      • Access to the property via CSA 28 roads is still in dispute
  1. Election of 2006 officers
    1. President: Joel Tarbox
    2. Vice President: Scott Vogler
    3. Secretary: Alan Hankla
    4. Treasurer: Bill Anderson
    5. Upper Area Representatives: Michael Saunders and Brad MacCurdy
    6. Middle Area Representatives: Paul Boodt and Alex Chartier
    7. Lower Area Representatives: Jim Johnson and John Regis

Important Notices
Contributions to the Discretionary Fund
Please send your annual contribution to the Association. These funds make various volunteer projects possible, such as the new drainage box at the base of Park Drive. An annual contribution of $50 or more is suggested. Please make checks payable to the “Lomond Terrace Road Association”. Mail checks to:
            Lomond Terrace Road Association
            PO Box 24
            Ben Lomond, CA 95005

Mark Your Calendar
Road work parties for the fall and early winter are scheduled:

  • Fall Road Work Party: Gutter Cleaning; Saturday, September 16, 2006; 9 a.m.; Meet at Jaye’s Timberlane; Bring tractors, gas-powered weed whackers, shovels, rakes and clippers
  • Early Road Work Party: Gutter Cleaning; Saturday, November 18, 2006; 9 a.m.; Meet at Jaye’s Timberlane; Bring tractors, shovels, rakes and clippers

Please plan to attend and help keep the roads maintained. Also, residents are asked to perform some basic maintenance, clean-up and trimming on the roads near their properties. The County does not provide these necessary services.

Please check the Associations website,, for regular updates and information pertaining to the Association. On the upper, left corner of the home page of the site, there is a link that allows you to send your most recent contact information to the Association. Please use it to send us your e-mail address.