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Official Minutes

Date: 2-05-05
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Location: The Home of Paul Lawton 260 Fiddlesticks Dr.
Attendees: Road Association Board Members & Area Representatives

1.0 Review of Financial Statement

There is $16053 in the Road Association bank account at present with approximately $16K due in April ‚05. There is approximately 3K in Petty cash.

2.0 New Business:

2.1 Projected Roadwork in 2005

Road work will primarily be focused on building a berm / curb on a 200 ft. stretch of road near the top of Park Dr. where the fence is coming down (COST: approx. 6K). This is the most critical need at present to manage rain drainage. The ongoing repair of Pot holes and the like will be identified and prioritized by the Board & Area Representatives over the next several months.

Topics of discussion at out next General Road Association Meeting scheduled for Wednesday MARCH 9th at 7:00 PM: Jeannies Gymnastics 6500 Hwy Nine, Felton

A) The setting aside of approximately $5000 of this years funds toward the repairing and upgrading the deteriorating drain situation at the bottom of Park Dr. & Hwy 1 (To be done 2006).

B) Member suggestions for road improvements, maintenance, & safety

C) The election of new Board Officers & Area Representatives

2.2 Contributions

Each Road Association member is asked to contribute at least $10 per year to cover minor repairs, signs, mailings, etc. Please send your donation payable to the "Lomond Terrace Road Association" to the following address: Lomond Terrace Road Association P.O. Box 24 Ben Lomond, CA. 95005


Meeting Adjourned: 10:30 AM.
Next Meeting: Annual Meeting Wednesday March 9, 2005 7:00pm at Jeanie's Gymnastics 6500 Hwy 9