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Paving and Patching Project
June 16, 2005

I submitted this year's paving and patching project to the County on April 20, 2005. After a couple of follow-ups, the County gave me the following status update on our job:

"Thanks for following up.  Your project will be advertised in the paper next week.  Bids will be opened on Thursday, June 23, 2005.  I will notify you of the lowest bidder.  I will then request a purchase order and the contractor will be authorized to do the work.  I will let you know when I receive the purchase order so you can schedule the work at a time that is most convenient for the CSA.  Let me know if you have any other questions."

Given this information, I expect that we might see work begin in July.

Fire Mailing:
With Richard Becker's input, I completed a fire safety mailing card encouraging residents to tend to the fire safety of their properties.

SCCRCD Application:
I was contacted by the Santa Cruz County Resource Conservation District. They are looking for road associations that want to implement erosion control plans through road drainage improvements. Chosen road associations will get technical assistance and cost-sharing to implement improvements. I submitted our application with a focus on the drainage ditch at the beginning of Park Drive.
Pending Work:

  1. V-ditches: I will be assembling a project description for the V-dicth work along Park Drive and sending it to the County at the end of the month of June
  2. Volunteer Projects: I'll be calling for volunteer groups in the coming month or two to work on the following:
    • Park Drive Sink Hole: We'll need to install a concrete box to improve the drainage in this area.
    • Removal of Chain-link fence: Michael Saunders has informed me that the owners of the chain-link fence on Park Drive are willing to have it removed and recycled. We'll need to get a crew together to remove it.
    • Tree Trimming: We'll assemble a work party to trim back trees that overhang the road.

Thank You,

Joel Tarbox President LTRA